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Sopsokha Village Home stay

Plan your escape gateway with the calmest  homestays in Punakha Bhutan

Sopsokha Village is a calm village in Punakha Bhutan that entails staying with a host family and getting a firsthand look at their culture, food, and way of life. This homestay's food is largely organic, a typical Bhutanese Home-stay situated in the middle of the paddy field of Sopsokha Village. Fresh vegetables are brought in from the garden. With a maximum of five guest rooms totaling 10 beds and a limit of two beds in each guest room, the homestay ensures their property is clean, pleasant, and safe. Additionally coordinates a wide range of activities village excursions, walks, hot stone baths, farm work, cultural events, and many other things are available. As a result, if you're seeking a way to immerse yourself in local culture and lifestyle, Sopsokha Village homestay is the place to go.

In the evening you can stroll around the village which is famous for its Phallus painted house. Discover the tale of Phallus from the locals and get blessed by it at Chimi Lhakhang.