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Laya-Gasa :

Laya is a small district under Gasa Dzongkhag in the Northwestern part of Bhutan. It is inhabited by the indigenous Layap people. It is the highest settlement in the country.  The natural splendor of Laya is unparalleled in the country. Livestock is a mainstay, particularly the rearing of yaks. In summer they live in the mountains and migrate to warmer valleys a lower elevation to barter their produce of yak dairy and meats as the cold winter begins to set in.

Women of this region have facial features that are distinct from those of other women in Bhutan, and their great love for turquoise jewelry, colorful clothing , and their conical bamboo hats immediately set them apart in any crowd.Like other parts of country , weaving is the household enterprise and the women use looms known as Zum to weave spun yak hair and wool into clothing that protect them from rain and harsh weather.



Things-To-Do :

  • Festival : The strong and rugged people of Gasa celebrate their annual festivals with a great deal of fun and festivities. Among the festivals the Auwley in the fall and the Bonco in the spring are well-known and popular. A rich repertoire of folk songs complement the celebration
  • Cordyceps Hunting: Cordyceps Sinensis which is an insect parasite fungus having high commercial demand due to its high medicinal value is also found here. You can go with the locals to hunt for it but it can be found only in a particular season.
  • Cultural Exploration: Experience the medieval ambiance & Cultural uniqueness of nomad lifestyles


How To Get there:

Take a drive from Thimphu to Gasa,  approx. 6 hours’ drive , hold a night at Gasa.

Early morning leave for Koina , you can either choose to trek for 4-5 hours to reach Koina . The trek is considered as one of the most scenic treks in Bhutan, offering amazing views of some of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in Bhutan. Overnight at Camp

Or you can choose to take a dirt road & drive till Koina. Since the road is rugged, it takes 3-4 hours drive and not recommended in summer. Overnight at Camp.

Next Day After breakfast, start trekking to your destination, the beautiful highland village of Laya. The trail winds up gradually and at times with steep climbs till you reach Laya. Early arrival to your camp and enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape and then you will come across a lot of locals in their typical Laya costumes. Overnight at Camp

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