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Season and Cimate in Bhutan

Bhutan has a season for everyone. The kingdom stretches across three climatic zones - from the sub-tropical jungles in the south, to the moderate heights of 2000-2500 meters in the centre and up to the alpine world of the towering Himalayas. Temperatures in the central valleys do not normally exceed 30°c in the summer and in the winter around 15°c during the day.

Spring is a botanist’s delight as rhododendrons, wild azaleas, and masses of wild flowers including the edelweiss cover the meadows like carpet. Pear and apple blossoms add a dainty touch to the valleys as their pink and white blooms add a sense of new wonder to the land.

Summer is an abundant time of the year as flowers are in bloom and valleys are covered in green, weeping willows sweep the banks of many of the rivers and the pine cone glisten in the sun, so full with resin they are ready to plummet to the ground.

Autumn casts a bright golden glow on the vast landscape. The rice fields ripen to a golden brown under crisp blue skies. The merry pink and white of cosmos flowers dot the countryside.

Winter has its moments. The days are full of sunshine while evenings can turn chilly. Soft turfs of clouds drape lazily over mountain tops as if waiting for new life to blow it across the landscape