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Laptsakha-Village-in-Punakha :

There is a whole set of beautiful villages as you take up the divergent road towards Wolokha (5Km from Punakha town), and head upward towards Talo Monastery.To name some we have Lapsakha village , Talo Village ,Norbugang village.You can dedicate a day to explore this beautiful  villages. It will provide visitors a wonderful experience to see the Bhutanese way of life.You can interact with the farmers and learn more about the villages.

The houses in the villages are scattered around and has a touch of distinct Bhutanese Architecture.As you hike through these villages you will get to see the variance of birds through the terrace of paddy fields,tropical fruits and farmers at work.
We can have a farmhouse organic lunch and if you like you can also lend your hand to the hostess   in the making of Bhutanese dish such ema datsi (chili cheese), suja (buttered tea) or butter making. You can also behold the spectacular view of Punakha and Wandue valley from these villages.

Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary