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Bhutan Cultural Extravaganza Tour

Bhutan’s rich Cultural heritage makes the Bhutan cultural Tour unique and worth visiting. Everything about Bhutan is unique. The traditional dress is unique; Number 13 is considered lucky. Childless women take blessings from wooden phalluses and wherever you go you will be greeted by Doma (Betel Nut).

About Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan’s cultural Tour wonder's manifest in our treasure trove of temples, monasteries and grand Fortresses, standing like sentinels guarding centuries -old communities. There are hundred and one reasons to bundle up your bag packs and hit the jagged landscape and unruffled mountain roads of this Himalayan kingdom. The visitors to this country often face the dilemma of being spoiled for choices. The eye popping journeys are a visual treat on their own and offer a good panorama of countries, ancient cultures wrapped up in our fiery and pungent chili dishes, and houses that are adorned with giant phallic graffiti, native only to this part of the Himalaya. 

Bhutan Cultural Tour Itinerary

Our Bhutan cultural tour packages offer the rare chance to penetrate through this Buddhist culture in its most ancient and unadulterated form. Each tour is crafted to facilitate greater interaction with locals and with the touch of cultural pursuits.

Explore ancient monasteries and visit timeless traditional villages tucked away in pristine mountain landscapes. You can take a walk through the vast green fields & slow meandering rivers. You can also try out a local archery match or take a dip in a traditional wooden tub of hot stones.

So by taking any of our Bhutan Cultural Tour itinerary packages below, you can be a part of us & relish our rich culture and warm open-hearted people. Leave behind the rush lifestyle and embrace the Bhutan experience and get connected with nature once again. So, what are you waiting for?

Of the myriad bucket list of cultural adventures,  we have tailor made itineraries here to spice up your holidays in your Bhutan Tour