Villages of Bhutan:The Hidden Jewel

Apart from all the major well-known places, there are some hidden jewels of nature. The Remote villages of Bhutan which are off the beaten path is one good example. These are  Bhutan Villages which are still practicing their age-old traditions and their old ways of living. These remote and off beaten Bhutan villages are not discovered by many people. Explore Bhutan Villages and Bhutan Village life . Visit Bhutan Phallus Village, Sopsokha village ,  Ura Valley Bhutan, Talo Village and enjoy organic Bhutan village food. Experience being local.

 While in Bhutan you must try out a few of Bhutan villages so as to penetrate through our customs, old traditions and rich heritage.

  1. Sopsokha Village at Punakha
Sopsokha Village
    Punakha River Flowing through Sopsokha Village Bhutan
Bhutan Pennis Village
    Bhutanese house with Phallus Painting at Sopsokha Village

Sopsokha is a tiny Bhutan village located in the midst of a paddy field. It is believed that  Lam Drukpa Kinley the divine madman was followed by demoness till Sopsokha village. It is here where he has subdued the evil spirits.He used the phallus as a medium to subdue and discipline the malevolent Spirits. And to celebrate the victory , on the exact spot Chimi Lhakhang was constructed later on by Lama Ngawang Chogyal.

So maybe that’s why you may see the phallus painting at almost all the houses of Sopsokha Village Bhutan.

2. Talo Village at Punakha

Talo is beautiful village located on the ridge of Punakha Valley. You can check out the blog on Talo Village here.

Talo Village
Talo Village
3. Wochu Village At Paro
Bhutan Village
Women at Work at Wochu Village

Wochu Village is also known as  the Bhutan Village of Blacksmith. 

It is about 5Km walk from the Paro town. The walk through Wochu valley is soul uplifting. The stunning landscapes, legendary ancient house and fortresses, simple and smiling people makes a place worth to visit.

 The blacksmiths here design and make traditional knives, swords, daggers and other metal products that are customized

This village also consists of the country’s only international airport. The best time to visit Paro Wochu village is in summer where the green covered fields can be seen. This village is situated in Lungnyi which is also known for the Lungnyi gewog cloth.

4. Rinchengang Village at Wangduephodrang
Rinchengang Village Bhutan Village

Rinchengang is a small clustered Bhutan village located opposite Wangduephodrang Dzong and is famous for its proficiency in traditional means of stone stonework. It is about 20 minutes’ walk uphill with great sight of the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, valley and the river.

5. Phobjikha /Gangtey at Wangduephodrang
Black Necked Crane
best places to visit in Bhutan
Phobjikha Valley
Places To Visit in Bhutan
Gangtey Nature Trail

Located at an elevation of 3000 meters, Gangtey Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan. It is the roosting ground for Black Necked Cranes that migrate from Tibet during winters. It is popular for its scenic splendor and cultural uniqueness. 

The 17th Century Gangtey Goenpa monastery , situated on a hilltop overlooking the scenic Gangtey village, is the home of Gangtey Trulku, a renowned Buddhist master.

6.Merak & Sakteng Village at Trashigang
Bhutan Village Sakten Village
Bhutan Village

Merak and Sakten are one the most remote and exotic villages in Bhutan. They are called the twin jewel of the Eastern Bhutan.

The semi-nomadic people here are fond of archery. The women here love singing folk songs.Visiting Merak and Sakteng will give you an insight to the nomadic way of life.

Journey into the hidden valleys of Merak and Sakteng and discover the exquisite eastern wilderness of Bhutan.

7. Tang Village at Bumthang
Pasture at Tang Valley
Pasture at Tang Valley
Tang Valley

It is one of the four valleys of Bumthang. You need to drive about 10Km towards west east until you pass the Dechenpelrithang Sheep Farm to an off beaten path that leads to North.

The drive through this road takes you to a different time; You will come across a burning lake,occasionally you will see the farmers grazing the cattle’s, horses and along the way you will come across other small villages ; Jamzhong & Mesethang Village, where you can stop  for a picnic lunch and enjoy the Arcadian scene of the valley .

Please do not forget to stop at Tang Rimochen Lhakhang standing magnificently behind the Tiger Stripped Cliff. The place has a serene energy.

Tang is one of the remotest valleys of Bumthang. Owing to its high elevation, not much of Agricultural activity takes place. People here mainly raise sheep and yaks and the view of the ranch will leave you in awe. Tang valley also houses the famous privately owned heritage house.

8) Ura Valley of Bhutan , Bumthang
The Ura Village is centrally located at Ura Valley
The scenic Ura Valley of Bhutan
Scenic Drive to Ura Valley from Bumthang
Scenic Drive to Ura Valley from Bumthang

Visiting Ura Valley of Bhutan, is like journeying back in Time . It has  a blend of legend and history

Ura valley speaks of time when every culture remained confined by climate, geography and ignorance; a time when our people retained their ancient beliefs in sanctity of natural events and objects; a time when demi gods and demons visited the human dwellings and impregnated the women, the result being the birth of individuals of superhuman qualities.The valley of Ura still reverberate with the legend as one.

In the heart of the Ura Valley lies the Ura village , nestled at an elevation of 3,100 meters and consists of about 50 clustered houses in a traditional setting . It is unfabricated by modernization. The whole layout gives you a feel of the medieval period. The Ura valley is one and half hour drive from Bumthang Town.

 Strolling around the Ura village will give you the glimpse of Bhutan’s culture and village life. So in your visit to Bumthang you can include the visit to Ura Valley.

9) Dhur At Bumthang
Dhur Village
The View of Dhur Valley From Mountain Top

Dhur, a beautiful Bhutan village situated at a distance of 50 km from Chamkhar is the best place to see traditions and culture. Dhur is also very much popular for its trekking trail, commonly known as Dhur Tsachu which is also a home for hot spring. Local Dhur Tshechu festival is the key highlight of this village which is popular among many people and occurs during the winter season. Covered with alpine forests this village is a home for many animals like yaks, sheep and many mountain peaks covered with snow.

10)Khoma At Lhuntse
Khoma villageBhutan Village

Khoma village, famous for giving the glimpse of Bhutan’s textile industry is generally at the top of the tourist’s bucket list. This Bhutan village comes under the  Lhuentse district. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Lhuentse  to Khoma . The route to Khoma has some breathtaking views which snatch away the spectator’s attention in a short period. The village’s traditional method of weaving handlooms is a treat for many tourists. They are famous for producing a high quality textile known as Kishuthara. You can also experience good Bhutan village life at Khoma.

11.Trong Village at Zhemgang
Bhutan Village
Trong Village at Zhemgang

The Trong Heritage Village is an array of 27 traditional stone masonry houses clustered neatly on a small hillock, overlooking the imposing Zhemgang dzong. The actual origin of the village and vintage traditional houses is still unknown.  But as per the elders of the village, it must have been there for more than hundreds of years

Built without a proper foundation atop rocks, this feature of houses in Trong village is Earthquake resistant which intrigues experts about this Bhutan Village.

Street lamps, underground cable ducts, drainage and concrete footpaths among others have also been developed over the years to support the community living in the village but its aesthetic & originality is well preserved.

12. Radhi Village At Trashigang
Eastern Bhutan

It is located some 30 km east of Trashigang Dzongkhag on a north facing slope. It falls under Chirpine & broadleaf forest belt . The village has around 200 households. 

It is famous for its rice and Radhi-Buray textiles. Most of the people here make their living from fine raw silk or Bura textiles . They use traditional back-strap loom and traditional dyes to produce textile. As a result, Radhi village produces some of the most authentic high quality raw silk textiles.

13.Laya, At Gasa
Nomads of Bhutan
Laya Village

Let your adventurous spirit take you to the valley of Laya. Situated at an altitude of 3800 m, this village will mesmerize you with their unique culture.

It is amazing how a small pocket of ethnic groups survived for so long in the northern part of the country. Anyone on the Snow Leopard trek or the grand Snowman Trek will converge through Laya. To experience the maximum cultural richness, time your trip during Royal Highland Festival.

Women of this region have facial features that are distinct from those of other women in Bhutan, and their great love for turquoise jewelry, colorful clothing , and their conical bamboo hats immediately set them apart in any crowd.

14.Lingzhi at Gasa
Bhutan  Village
Bhutan Village Life at High Altitude

Lingzhi  is one of the high altitude Gewog in Thimphu Dzongkhag. It is  located at an altitude of  about 3280-5960 meters above sea level.

The Village is 92 km away from Thimphu with the road connection(72 km with black top from Thimphu to Drugyel and 20 km feeder road from Drugyel to Shana)  . It is 4 days walk from the road end point (Paro Shana).

It has 94 households and population of 490 in total. Almost all the people depends on mobile livestock with specific grazing time during summer and winter. Geographical topography of the Gewog is not suitable for any other Agricultural and developmental activities, as it’s located in the mountainous region.  

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