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Bhutan Spiritual & Wellbeing Tour

Bhutan Best Inbound Tour organizes Bhutan spiritual and well being tour for those visitors seeking a place of solace, rest and recuperation. In this tour we will take you to the caves and monasteries where a great enlightened master had meditated once.You can also choose to experience the divine tranquility of monastic life. We can arrange your stay in some monasteries/Shreda for two to three nights where you can get up in the morning with the sound of the bell and monks chanting. You can participate with them in sang offering/butter lamp offering and wine offering. You can chant along with them the aspirational prayers for the benefit of all the sentient beings.We can arrange your meeting with Buddhist Scholars, trukus and Rinpoche whereby you will get an opportunity to clear your spiritual doubt. You can take a short meditation retreat as well. If your visit coincides with 10th ,25th or 30th of the lunar calendar then we can take you to witness throema(the laughter of Dakini) practice whereby the practitioners invoke the feminine aspect of energy by using bell, drum and femur.

During your spiritual visit you can also experience Tshachus(Hot springs) as they are locally known and can be found all over the Kingdom and their medicinal properties are known to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to body aches and even sinuses. The spiritual tour can be customized as per the area of interest of the guest and time availability.

So with Bhutan Inbound experience  the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism, a spiritual practice that is known to be one of the most profound schools of teaching in the Buddhist world. Enjoy the presence of the sacred monasteries that sit precariously on sheer cliffs, the fluttering prayer flags that line the high ridges & the red robed monks who chant through the day and night. 

It is this aspect of life dimension which gives Bhutan an aura that comes from another time.



Package Details :

Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days .

Destination Covered : Thimphu- Phobjikha- Punakha- Paro .

Day 1: Arrive at Paro & Drive to Thimphu (55Km/1.5Hour)

Experience the breathtaking views of the high Himalayan peaks as you fly into Paro valley (2,200 meters) where you can get the first glimpse of this magical country. After the visa formalities at Paro airport, meet your personal guide and driver.

Discover the mountains speckled with sacred temples and monasteries on your way from Paro to Thimphu.

  • On the way stop at Tachhog Lhakhang (the Iron Chain Bridge), a temple located across the famous iron chain bridge built over the meandering Pa Chhu (Paro River). Devour yourself to the invigorating ambience of the cool-sweeping breeze and bright colored prayer flags. The whole set up a feast to the eye.
  • Upon arriving Thimphu (2,300 meters), check in your hotel and freshen up before visiting the exquisite massive structure of Thimphu Tashichoe Dzong- a fine example of Bhutanese architecture. Set into the Grand Kuenrey, the most splendid room of the Tashichoe Dzong. The assembly of monks performs their daily prayers here before the enormous statue of the Buddha.
  • Visit the Memorial Chorten, one of the most visible landmarks in Thimphu where devotees flock in throughout the day circumambulating the white washed stupa. Elderly people are seen reciting mantras and chanting prayers in deep devotion. The paintings and statues inside the monument provide a deep insight into Buddhist philosophy.
  • Visit the local archery ground where the locals celebrate the national sport with dance and song with every hit.
  • Take a stroll in evening around Thimphu town and absorb the magical atmosphere of the capital city while capturing the sight of the contemporary Bhutanese life.

 Overnight at hotel in Thimphu.

Day 2: Thimphu- Phobjikha (134 KMS/6 HOUR)

  • Drive via Dochu-la pass at 3,100 meters above the sea level.  Stopping briefly to take in the mesmerizing view of the Himalayan peaks and admire the 108 Chortens, Mani wall, and prayer flags which decorate the highest point on the road. If skies are clear, the high Himalayan peaks towards the north east will be revealed in all their glory. Make merit by hoisting prayer flags & make incense smoke offering. Not far from the 108 stupa is the temple where the golden lamp of infinity glows.


On the way stop at Punakha/Nobding for Lunch before proceeding to Phobjikha, one of the most serene glacial valleys of Bhutan.


  • Upon arriving Phobjikha pay your respect at Gangtey Gonpa the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition which was established in 1613. The structure is located on a hill overlooking the beautiful glacial valley.
  • Gangtey Valley Exploration: The most beautiful and shortest of the existing nature trails in Bhutan. The trail hike starts from the Mani (like Chorten) stone wall to the north of the Gangtey Gonpa and ends in Khewa Lhakhang. The hike takes about 1hr 30minutes through the pine forest and small bamboo plants. You can see the Phobjikha valley so beautifully from this hike. It is one of the best hike places for the Nature lovers. During the winter months, we can see the endangered species of birds – Black Neck Cranes. 


  • In the evening you can take part in Evening prayer or have a discussion on Buddhism with the learned teacher of Gangtey Buddhist monastery.
  • Later join dinner with the monks.

Overnight at hotel in Phobjikha (Or you have the option to stay in the Monastery guesthouse)

Day 03: Gangtey Shedra

Rise early to the sound of bell summoning the monks for Morning Prayer.

Gangtey Monastery Schedule Activities

1. You can participate in Morning Prayer from 5:30 AM to 6:15Am

2. We can have an evening meditation class from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Samantha meditation, loving and kindness or Vipassana.

3. You can also participate in evening prayer from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

The other Things we can do are:

- Learn Astrological Reading (Mo)

- Hoist Prayer flags

- Smoke Offering/Wine offering/ Butter Lamp Offering

- Picnic with monks

- Attending Dharma talk

- Private Meeting with the abbot (Khenpo) of Shedra

- Make a meal donation and serve the food to the monks

-Attend Dharma Talk - Spiritual cleansing bestows by Trulku. This program will be supervised by authentic Buddhist master. Some of the Buddhist masters are not comfortable in English but there will be an English translator.

The program is designed by the Gangtey Shedra (Gangtey Buddhist University) to help the visitors to overcome day to day stress and get a glimpse of Buddhist way of life which is full of love and compassion. (Courtesy: Sherab Lhuendrup, Gangtey Shedra)

Overnight at hotel in Phobjikha (Or you have the option to stay in the Monastery guesthouse)


Day 4: Gangtey – Punakha (78kms/3hours)

Journey to the ancient capital of Bhutan, Punakha.  

  • On arriving Punakha; walk along the path through the traditional houses of Sopsokha village amidst agricultural field of rice and mustard, leading to a hillock where the temple of the Divine Mad monk is located. Sopsokha village is a typical example of clustered settlement. You may witness unusual paintings of phallus on walls of the houses. The phallus paintings are traditionally believed to ward off evil influences and bad-mouth/gossips of others that bring bad luck.
  • Visit Punakha Dzong is just as striking inside as outside and it is arguably the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan. Located magnificently between Pho Chhu (Male River) and Mo Chhu (Female River) confluence, the intricate carving and amazing architecture of the Dzong is a great source of inspiration. This famous structure built in the 1637 has lot to tell about the historical background and various Tibetan invasion won from this strategically located Dzong. It also houses the kingdom’s most sacred relic the “Rangjung Karsa-pani”.
  • Cross Pho Chhu (River) on the 160 meters suspension Bridge known to be the longest in Bhutan. You can get spectacular views of Punakha Dzong from here The cool breeze from the gushing river beneath will refresh you and rejuvenate body.

In the evening soak in the warm atmosphere of Punakha valley.

Overnight at hotel in Punakha.

Day 05: Punakha- Paro (130kms/5hours)

Take a scenic drive from Punakha to Paro. Paro is a beautiful valley located in Western Bhutan with an area of 2800 Square kilometers. Breathtaking Lhakhangs and monasteries are perched on mountain hills. Two sacred rivers with its respective source at Jumolhari and Chumo Phug mountains, makes their way through Paro valley enhancing its beauty and grandeur

  • Set out to the sacred Dra Karpo perched on a small hill top of Paro valley. A small Lhakhang (temple) originating its name from ‘Dra Karpo’ which means split Rock, one of the holiest site in Bhutan. It is believed that the demon took refuge inside the rock and Guru Rinpoche had Split the rock and subdued the demons. Guru Padmasambhava accompanied by his consort Dakini Yeshey Tshogyal and many other yogis and great master down the ages have blessed and sanctified the place. As you circumambulate you can see the foot and hand prints and many other auspicious signs and symbols believed to have manifested through some supernatural powers. Maybe owing to all these there is mystique tranquility in the vicinity of Dra Karpo. It is believed that even the deadliest of your sin will be washed away if you can circumambulate 108 times around Dra Karpo. 
  • Take a stroll through Paro town, a street of typical Bhutanese traditional buildings.

Overnight at hotel in Paro

Day 6: Paro Taktsang Hike (4-6 hours)

Get your energy up at breakfast this morning to hike up to the iconic Taktsang Monastery.

  • Venture through the pristine surrounding of the monastery resting on a cliff. Hike to Taktsang Monastery, one of the holiest and the most beautiful sites of Bhutan. Taktsang or Tiger’s Lair acquires its name from the legend of its foundation, when in the 8th Century Guru Rinpoche, widely revered as the second Buddha, arrived from Tibet flying across the mountains on the back of a tigress.
  • Visit the ancient Kichu Lhakhang dating back to the 7th century, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan.
  • Later in the evening soak yourself in the traditional hot stone bath and try your skills on local archery, Bhutan’s national sports.

Overnight at hotel in Paro

Day 7: Paro (visit Chumphu Lhakhang)

Chumphu Nye is located on a hilltop and completely isolated from the town. The whole hike is mesmerizing and gives you the feel of divine tranquility. It may take about 7 to 8 hours hike back and forth. The walk is nurturing. The pristine environment filled in with rich faunal diversity with the touch of old man beard will promise you to make your hike a comforting one. The whole hike is a Pilgrim progress. The stones, caves, waterfall all have their story to tell as you pass by. You will be walking the path which was once traversed by Guru Rinpoche, Khandrola Mendharawa and Khandrola Yeshey Tshogyal. You can also choose to sit next to the cave where Guru and his consorts have meditated and feel the divine presence. The whole energy there is conducive for silence and meditation. And the best part of the hike is witnessing the floating statue of Vajra Varahi ( Dorji Phagmo). Literally both of her feet are above the ground defying gravity. See it to believe it. Note: The Place is not touched by any kind of pollution yet. So, we request you to be gentle on it and be careful of the waste. 


Overnight at hotel in Paro 

Day 8: Departure

Our team will drop you to the airport and bid you farewell.

Read Customer Reviews

5.0 / 3 Reviews

Tournus, France

Incredible bhutan!

Bhutan was on my travel list for very long. Finally I could make it last month. I was keenly interested in their concept of Gross National Happiness & Vajrayana Buddhism.
Bhutan Best Inbound tour tailored a vacation specifically for me for 13 Days as I wanted. I did not want a regular tourist kind of visit. I wanted to try a homestay so I could closely communicate with the local people. I wanted to visit schools, interact with the student and I also wanted to try out a monastic stay.
They designed the itinerary exactly how I wanted and had also arranged a meeting with GNH specialist who educated me very well on various aspect of GNH.
However the best part of the tour was experienced in Gangtey valley at the Monastic stay. It enabled me to feel that, there are things in the world beyond materialism. It was cutting through the mundane experience. I had 3 Night stay there.
Getting up in the morning with the sound of bell and monks chanting. Participating in Incense offering, butter lamp offering and watching the fluttering prayer flag, was an awesome experience. Perhaps I never had experienced such kind of tranquility in my whole life.
I sponsored a small picnic to the monks. The picnic was in the forest in an open sky. It was a pleasure to witness little monk running around. It was a nostalgic feeling of my own childhood days. The other thing that astounded me was the way the monks debate. They are trained. I did not understand the content of the debate but their expression, hand movement, body movement was amazing. I never knew this aspect of Buddhism.
I genuinely recommend Bhutan Best Inbound Tour. Hats off to the whole team, I especially would like to thank Mr. Thinley for the itinerary and Mr. Dorji for having all the patience to explore and answer my never ending question.
Thank you Bhutan Best Inbound Tour. I would be definitely visit Bhutan soon and that time it would be all for monastic stay.


Monica X
Romford, United Kingdom

Exceptionally great experience beyond our expectation, highly recommended

What made our Bhutan experience exceptionally memorable were not only the stunning natural beauty and historical architectures, but a glimpse of the heart of the Bhutanese — unadorned sincerity, altruistic and respectful.

After contacting a few tour operators, I decided to go with Bhutan Best Inbound because of Thinley’s prompt and professional communication. We emailed back and forth for many many times to customise the trip according to our preference. Thinley was very patient and considerate in addressing our problem and suggesting plans.

Our Chinese-speaking tour guide Rabgay and driver Khandu also contributed in delivering an exceptionally relaxed and enjoyable Bhutan experience to our family. They did a good job of taking care of us at hiking and helped us to accommodate to the fast changing climate and environment. Rabgay is very professional and earnest in explaining everything. The vehicle, food, and hotels are all very satisfactory.

Apart from Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha, our trip to Gangtey Monastery and Phobjikha valley (Thinley’s suggestion) really brought surprises to us. The Valley impressed us by its stunning natural beauty of primitive cedar forest, graceful cow and horses on the meadow and near the river, and most importantly, the peace and silence. At Gangtey monastery we attended a ritual dedicated specially to our family, smoke offering, dharma talk, and meditation session. Thinley made a lot of efforts in arranging these and he also explained us the deeper meaning behind the ritual. He is a dedicated dharma practitioner and brought us a lot of edification.

Thanks so much again for delivering us such a great experience and I would highly recommend Bhutan Best Inbound to anyone who’s interested in visiting Bhutan.



Best Experience of my Life!

Bhutan was a life-changing experience. I had heard of its motto for years ("The happiest country on earth") but seeing and experiencing it firsthand made it clear to me why that is. The people are so warm and nurturing, grounded, spiritual, and authentic. They have a deep connection with one another and support each other as a small community would. The temples that dot the beautiful landscape are a testament to how deeply connected the country and its citizens are to their spiritual values. They have tremendous appreciation for their king and there is not a sense of divisiveness among the people. All are treated respectfully, including the stray dogs and cats that are liberally fed leftovers and the cows that roam freely in the streets, knowing that the drivers will give them passage and treat them with reverence. The whole experience feels like a dream.