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Spiritual and Wellness

Enjoy Bhutan Spiritual Tour 

Bhutan, the Buddhist Kingdom on the Himalayas' eastern tip, is brimming with temples, monasteries, and dzongs. All of which is surrounded by captivating landscapes. It is the only country in the world where Vajrayana Buddhism is predominantly practiced, and spiritual values are still a dynamic force in the day-to-day life of the people. Most importantly, Bhutan is the bastion of an unbroken lineage of Buddhist teachings by great masters over the centuries. This imbues the entire region with a sacred sense that anyone visiting the country will deeply feel. It is one of the few countries which aims, as the national policy, to increase happiness & not wealth. 

Places to visit in Bhutan Spiritual Tour

Bhutan is signified as one of the best pilgrimages destinations covered with various monasteries and temples. Visit Bhutan and make a pilgrimage to the mountains & holy sites. Some beautiful spiritual places in Bhutan are:

  • Taktsang Monastery
  • Dra Karpo
  • Chumphu Nye
  • Chimi Lhakhang
  • Changangkha Lhakhang
  • Buddha Dordenma
  • Dechen Phodrang Monastery
  • Gangtey Monastery
  • Phajoding Monastery
  • Singye Dzong


 Things to do in your Bhutan Spiritual Tour

Bhutan Best Inbound  Spiritual programme are held at Gangtey Shreda, Phobjikha , Phajoding monastery, Thimphu, Lungchutse monastery, Thimphu and also at Dudzom Monastery at Lhuntse.

If you want to know more about these places, you can read our article on 'Meet The Monk On Hilltop'  .

Our Spiritual programme consist of following activities

  • You can participate in morning prayer from 5:30 AM to 6:15Am
  • We can have an evening meditation class from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Samantha meditation, loving and kindness or Vipassana.
  • You can also participate in evening prayer from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
  • Learn Astrological Reading (Mo)
  • Hoist Prayer flags
  • Smoke Offering/Wine offering/ Butter Lamp Offering
  • Picnic with monks
  • Attending Dharma talk
  • Private Meeting with the abbot (Khenpo) of Shedra
  • Make a meal donation and serve the food to the monks
  • Attend Dharma Talk
  • Spiritual cleansing bestows by Trulku.

Bhutan Spiritual Tour Itinerary

Please check Bhutan Spiritual tour itinerary and cost here ( , and renew your spirits. All our  itineraries are 100% bespoke & can be tailored as per your likeness.

Further you can add some wellness packages in your spiritual tour to make your Bhutan Spiritual tour more holistic. You can add following wellness activities

  • Rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone bath
  • Heal your mind with yoga and meditation
  • Immerse in natural Himalayan hot spring
  • Try our indigenous therapies
  • Experience undisrupted calmness of nature
  • Try your skills with organic cooking from a selection of your favorite organic food
  • Treat your lungs with a breathe of fresh air everyday

Benefits of Bhutan Spiritual & Wellness Tour

Spirituality not only enhances your levels of happiness but also increases your focus. Doing meditation on a regular basis can help you in reducing some of the major health ailments like heart diseases, high blood pressure and brain strokes. Exercise is also important for your health but it is recommended to spend some quality time in nature as it will give you both health and happiness.

Bhutan is a carbon-negative country which will benefit you in many ways. When you spend time in nature your mind and your body rejuvenate and recharges.

It is important to take a small vacation from your day to day routines as it will help you in increasing your concentration, mental and physical health as well as your productivity. This will not only give you relaxation but will also give you a golden chance to spend some quality time with yourselves.