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Scenic Camping in Bhutan

Scenic Camping in Bhutan

These are some of the best places to Camp in Bhutan.

Take a road trip to the beautiful mountains of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. One of the best things about traveling in Bhutan is that there are plenty of great places to camp. Nature lovers can enjoy the magical sight and calming silence of glorious mountains, clouds floating below your feet, scenically splendid valleys, enchanting forests, crystalline lakes, fresh sweeping streams and rivers, and many more on your camping trip.

Not only can you camp at these picturesque locations, but you can also enjoy picnic lunches, explore hiking trails, hunt for wildflowers, breath in fresh breeze,  and many other activities in the great wide wilderness.

From luxury villa tents in the woods of pine to the customary camping high up above the clouds, your perfect outdoor trip awaits.