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Jomolhari Trek

Jomolhari trek starts from Paro and takes about  10 days to complete. The highest camp is at an altitude of 13,448ft/4,100m. On this route, the views of Jomolhari’s twin peaks, neighboring Jichu Drake and Tsheringang are peerless (except maybe from Druk flight!). The Jomolhari trek takes one to Lingzhi, up to 16,236ft/4,950m, and ends up close to Thimphu . The difficulty level of the  treks is moderate to hard .

The Jomolhari trek starts from Drukgyel Dzong at the head of the Paro valley and on the first day takes you to Shanna Zampa at 9,348ft/2,850m. 

The next day of Jomolhari trek is a tough walk to Thang Thangka (11,808ft/4,100m). This is a rolling alpine meadow with the majestic Jomolhari peak looming at the valley head. It is 19km to the splendid viewpoint and camp at Jangothang (13,448ft/4,100m)- crossing the river, rock-hopping along a muddy track past a couple of settlements to get here. The next day or two are usually spent at this camp, acclimatizing and drinking in the magnificent views of Jomolhari and Jichu Drakye. There are several half-day hikes from here that take you to other vantage points with breathtaking views. 

Those with a quest for more excitement will proceed from Jangothang to Lingzhi, enjoying brilliant views of Jomolhari, Jichu Drakye, and Tserim Kang en route. 

The region is isolated but incredibly beautiful and you traverse a large glacial valley with several moraines and climb over a windy pass to your camp at Chha Shi Thang (13,153ft/4,010m). The trail leading to Jichu Drakye basecamp is from here. 

The next day of Jomolhari Trek is an arduous and tiring one as you cross Yeli La (16,236ft/4,950m) and descend to Shodu. Subsequently, you have to ascend to Barshong before descending over the last two days via Dolom Kencho to the road head at Dodina which is opposite the bridge legend to Cheri Gompa. 

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Package Details :

Duration : 12 Nights/ 13 Days .

Destination Covered : Paro – Thimphu - Shanna Zampa - Soi Thangthangkha11 - Jangothang - Soi Yaksa - Taybu - Shanna. .

Day 1: Enter the Kingdom of Bhutan and Explore Paro Valley

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the great Himalayas as you enter Bhutan's Paro valley. Marvel at the panoramic views of glacial peaks and meandering rivers. Discover the historical Paro Dzong and Ta Dzong, offering a glimpse into Bhutan's rich heritage. Visit the National Museum of Paro, housing fascinating artifacts and religious paintings. Enjoy a stroll in Paro town or indulge in the flavors of Bhutanese beer at Namgay Artisanal Brewery, as you acclimatize for Jomolhari Trek.


Overnight: Hotel in Paro 

Day 2: Hike to the Iconic Tigers Nest Monastery

Embark on a 4-6 hour hike to the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery, perched high above the Paro valley. This sacred pilgrimage site holds immense cultural significance in Bhutan. Follow the trail through various stages, passing a cafeteria with scenic views, a lookout point, and descending steps to reach the monastery's entrance. Explore the cave where Guru Rinpoche meditated and soak in the spiritual ambiance of this remarkable site.


Overnight: Hotel in Paro 

Day 3: Gunitsawa Village to Thangthangka

Jomolhari Trek Map

The Jomolhari Trek commences at Gunitsawa Village, where your trek permit will be checked at an army post. From here, the trail winds through the river valley, offering a variety of ups and downs as you make your way forward. As you continue along the path, it gradually narrows, leading you to a meadow where your first campsite awaits.

If weather conditions permit, this site offers a stunning view of Mount Jomolhari, providing a breathtaking introduction to the natural beauty that awaits you. With each step, you will find yourself more immersed in the rugged landscape and captivated by the allure of this unforgettable Bhutan trek.

Elevation at Campsite: 2,850 meters/ Time: 40 Minutes

Overnight: Campsite Thangthangka 

Day 4: Thangthangka to Jangothang (Jomolhari Base Camp):

The Paro Chhu valley, which opens up into alpine meadows and sparse woods, is the setting for today's hike. You'll pass through an army checkpoint and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of high mountain ridges and snow-capped peaks. You'll come across yaks and the homes of their herders along the road. Before arriving at Jangothang, one of the most magnificent campsites in the Himalayas, the trail goes through settlements such as Soe, Takethang, and Dangochang. Another breathtaking vista of Mount Jomolhari awaits you from here.

Today's trek takes you through the Paro Chhu valley, which opens up into alpine meadows and sparse forests. As you through the army checkpoint you will be treated to magnificent views of high mountain ridges and snow-capped peaks. Along the way, you'll encounter yaks and their herders' homes. The trail passes through villages like Soe, Takethang, and Dangochang before reaching Jangothang, one of the most beautiful campsites in the Himalayas. From here, you'll have another awe-inspiring view of Mount Jomolhari trek


Elevation at Campsite: 4,080 meters/ 19KMS/ Time: 5-6hours

Overnight: Camp at Jangothang Jomolhari basecamp

Day 5 of Jomolhari Trek: Jangothang (Rest day)

Take a day to rest and acclimatize in Jangothang. You can go on day hikes to explore the area and enjoy stunning views of lakes and snow-capped mountains, including Jomolhari and Jichu Drake. Look out for blue sheep on the upper slopes of the valley. Jangothang offers excellent opportunities for short hikes in different directions, with Jomolhari, Jichu Drake, and unclimbed peaks in sight.


Overnight: Camp at Jangothang Jomolhari basecamp

Day 6: Jangothang to Lingshi

The trail leads to the last settlement in the valley and then descends to the Paro Chhu. You'll cross the Tshophu Lake and ascend steeply to the Bhonte La pass, the highest point on the trek at 4,890 meters. Afterward, you'll trek downstream along the Dhumzo Chhu River, passing the village of Soi Yaktsa (Dhumzo), until you reach the campsite at Lingshi. Overnight stay at Lingshi.


Elevation at Campsite: 3800 meters/ 16KMS/ Time: 6-7HOURS

Overnight: Camp Lingshi

Day 7: Lingshi to Chebisa

Embark on a mesmerizing journey from Lingshi to Chebisa, where you'll encounter the magnificent Lingshi Yugyel Dzong, a fortress with stunning views of Mount Jichu Drakey and Tsheringmeigang. Descending further, you'll enjoy panoramic views of the Lingshi village valley and the meandering Mo Chu River. The trek then takes you to Taphela, offering a remarkable view of Tsheringmeigang, and finally to the windiest campsite on the trek, Chebisa.


Elevation: 3980m: 10 Km/ 3-4 Hours trek

Overnight: Camp at Chebisa


Day 8 of Jomolhari Trek: Chebisa to Lingshi (Helipad)

After exploring the northern region of Chebisa and witnessing a captivating waterfall, you'll retrace your steps back to Lingshi village. If time permits, you can visit the Institute of Traditional Medicine School (ITMS) at Lingshi. Overnight stay at Lingshi (Helipad).


Elevation at Campsite: 3800 meters/ 13 Km/ 3-4 Hours

Overnight: Camp at Lingshi (Helipad)  

Day 9: Lingshi (Helipad) to Shodu

This part of the Jomolhari trek begins at the tree line of Mount Birches and gradually transitions into the Alpine zone. Following the path of Mochu, you'll be rewarded with refreshing beverages and ascend to conquer the breathtaking Yaklela pass at 4,942 meters. From the pass, you'll be greeted by an awe-inspiring panorama of Mount Jomolhari, Jomolhari 2, Jichu Drakey, and Tsheringmeigang.


Elevation at Campsite: 4,080 meters/ 22KMS/ Time: 8-9HOURS

Overnight: Camp at Shodu

Day 10: Shodu- Barshong- Thimphu

Today's Jomolhari Trek trail follows the Thimphu Chhu through rhododendron forests, past beautiful waterfalls along the way. The valley narrows till the path takes to the slopes and gradually ascends to the ruins of Barshong Dzong.

From Barshong you will be picked up by a pickup truck and driven to Thimphu- the road may be bumpy.

Trekking: 16KMS/ Time: 5-6hours


Shodu - Barshong (Jomolhari Trek Ends).


Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu 

Day 11 - 12: Explore Thimphu - the Enchanting Capital of Bhutan

Discover the charm of Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city. Visit the iconic Buddha Dordenma statue, offering stunning sunrise views. Explore the National Institute for Zorig Chusum, witnessing traditional arts and crafts. Experience the General Post Office and Jungshi paper factory, showcasing Bhutan's unique cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Kaja Throm marketplace and witness an archery tournament at Changlingmithang stadium.


Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu 

Day 13: Departure

Our team will drop you to the airport and bid you farewell.

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I came to know about Bhutan Best Inbound Tour through one of my friend who had travelled with his wife to Bhutan through them and they had many nice things to tell about them.

 So I contacted Mr.Thinley and he was very prompt in his response. I wanted to do Jumolhari Trek and Mr Thinley presented me with different Jumolhari Trek Routes.

I chose Jumolhari Loop , as it was shorter comparatively to regular full length Jumolhari Trek and I wanted to use few of my other days stay in cultural exploration.

I was a solo traveller, yet Thinley went all the way to make the wonderful arrangement. Got a VIP treatment. I was accompanied by a lovely and knowlegable guide Mr.Chundu. It was an amazing experience to see the sunrise at Jumolhari mountain. The trekking routes were clean, and as walked along we could capture stunning views of Himalayas.

Right after the trek , I took a short cultural journey combined with Bhutan festival(It was suggested by Thinley to combine Festival with the tour and it was a great idea.

Had a lovely time with lovely company. My special appreciation for Mr.Thinley for organizing this wholesome tour and to my  humble and knowlegeable guide Mr Chundu.

Thank You All.