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Paro (Altitude: 1,800 - 5,400m approx.)

It is a beautiful valley located in Western Bhutan with an area of 2800 sq. Km. Breathtaking Lhakhangs and monasteries are perched on mountain hills. Two sacred rivers with their respective source at Jumolhari and Chumophug mountains make their way through Paro valley enhancing its beauty and grandeur.

Paro is also popular because of Taktsang Palphug Monastery. It is also known by the name of Tiger's Nest.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Paro, Bhutan

  1. The picturesque region of Paro is one of the widest valleys in the kingdom and is covered in fertile rice fields and has a beautiful, crystalline river meandering down the valley.
  2. There are over 155 temples and monasteries in the area, some dating as far back as the 14th century
  3. The famous Tiger Nest is located in Paro
  4. It is considered as the Rice Bowl of Bhutan with its annual bounties of paddy
  5. It is home to some of the most revered temples in the kingdom
  6. The only International Airport is located at Paro Airport
  7. The five-day Paro Festival is one of the biggest Festivals of the Bhutanese Calendar Year.
  8. The national museum, Ta Dzong, is also set in Paro.
  9. Landing in Paro is very tricky
  10. Paro offers a lot of tourist spots

Here, check out the most popular tourist places to visit when you are here in Paro, Bhutan