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Voyage through an illuminating journey of discovery with your stay in picturesque Paro Valley. Awaken in the land where an immersive traditional culture thrives. There are myriads of 3* hotels / accomodations in Paro.


Nestled in a spectacular mountain hideaway, Paro is a city of a unique blend of natural wilderness and rich cultural heritage. The peaceful valley is home to some of the most popular places of attraction in Bhutan, like the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The hotels and accommodations in Paro offer a perfect retreat whether you are up for a memorable adventure or a relaxing escape. Here are some of the options.

If you want to stroll in Paro town there are hotels like Khamsum Inn or Pema Yangsel which is located in the heart of Paro town.

And for those who are seeking solitude every now and then from noise and commotion of daily life there are hotels like Village Lodge, Taktsang Resort , Udumwara to suit your needs.

To capture the heart and soul of Bhutan , you can try homestay. Paro has amazing homestays like Paro Penlop homestay to experience real Bhutan.