Eastern Bhutan Tour : Delve into Village Rustic Charm

Village in Trashigang

About Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan  is a gem of Bhutan. Remote and untouched, it preserves Bhutan ‘s arcane culture, tradition, and way of rural life in its most authentic form. From ancient dzongs and monasteries to vibrant communities,  Eastern Bhutan has so much to offer. Furthermore, it  encompasses all of the country’s natural beauty, wildlife and nature. Eastern Bhutan Tour will also give you a glimpse of a village life in Bhutan. Its rich past seamlessly blends with its present, making it irresistible place to visit in Bhutan . Some of the most popular places to visit in Eastern Bhutan are Lhuntse, Trashigang, Mongar and Trashiyangtse. In your Eastern Bhutan tour itinerary you need to include these places to experience authentic Village Life in Bhutan.

East Bhutan
Eastern Bhutan Tour : Experience Village Life in Bhutan
Eastern People and their way of life

The Eastern people are known for their hospitality. No matter how simple their rural lives are , they have a welcome smile for every visitors. Even if you randomly happen to enter a stranger house, they will not let you go without a cup of locally brewed wine (Ara).


Brokpas: People From Eastern Bhutan
Recommended Time To Venture into Eastern Bhutan Tour

A two-week Eastern Bhutan tour package is good enough to explore  culture , history and rural way of life. However if you do not have so much of time , you can shorten it to 8 days or so by using domestic flight.

Trashigang:  The Largest district of  Eastern Bhutan

Trashigang is around 600Km further from Thimphu. It boast itself of its twin jewel villages Merak and Sakteng. The diverse rituals and customs of the Brokpa people is something that you should not miss while you are Trashigang. Endowed with beautiful and charming villages, Trashigang is also famous for weavers.

Things to do in Trashigang
  1. You can experience the rural life in Bhutan.
  2. You can try out local homestay
  3. Visit wildlife sanctuary
  4. Meet the Semi-Nomadic Ethnic of Bhutan  (Brokpa) and explore their culture
Places to visit in Trashigang
  1. Visit the beautiful and charming village of Radhi, Merak and Sakteng.
  2. The top most sightseeing place in Trashigang is Trashigang Dzong which is located vertically above the Sherichu river.
  3. It has famous Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary which is a home to many species of plants, animals and trees.
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Trashiyangtse   Culturally diverse district of Eastern Bhutan

It is about 3 and half hour drive from Trashigang and it is also considered as the Eastern home for the famous Black-Necked Crane . It shares the border with Arunachal Pradesh, India. 

Gom Kora
Gom Kora
Things To Do in Trashiyangtse
  • Attend Chorten Kora Festival: The local tribes from across the border (Arunachal Pradesh)  also come to enjoy the uniqueness of this Festival
  • Take part in Gomphu Kora Festival , one of the culturally rich festivals of Bhutan.
  • Visit Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary which has one of the richest temperate forest in the Eastern Himalaya.It offers a protected Habitat for Bengal Tiger & common leopard. It is also a winter roosting place for Black festival Crane.
Places to visit in Trashiyangtse
  • Chorten Kora: is probably the largest chorten in the country with very rich cultural history. The chorten is completely white washed and makes an impressive sight in its picture perfect settings, in a field next to the river. The great annual ‘Chorten Kora Festival” is held here. 
  • Institute of Zorig Chusum: which teaches the thirteen Art and Craft as part of 6 years course. At the institute you will see student at work and can also purchase handicrafts made by them.
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Day Excursion

Village Life in Bhutan
Village Life in Bhutan

Lhuntse : The Sacred Land of The Eastern Bhutan

Lhuentse is one of the remotest district of Bhutan with sparse population . The ethnic mosaic of the region is made up of Kurtope people. The people of Lhuntse are mostly paddy farmers. Many shamanic ritual add colors to the cultural diversity of the region. Lhuntse is home to some of the most sacred sites of pilgrimage in the country and famed for exquisite hand woven Textiles.


Things To Do in Lhuntse
  • Learn Pottery: Gangjur village is around 10 minutes drive from Lhuentse Dzong. It is a vibrant community where local artisan still keep alive the dying art of pottery.
  • Textile Tour: Khoma Village is the epicenter of Bhutan’s rich textile weaving tradition. It is known for exquisite brand of Kishuthara weaves that are prized possession. It is worn by women during festival and special events.
  • Khempajong Tshachu: The Sacred Khempajong Tshachu (hot spring) is one of the remotest hot spring in the country.
Places To Visit in Lhuntse
  • Lhuntse Dzong:This majestic fortress known as Lhundup Rinchentse Dzong is perched on ridge overlooking the Kurichhu river.It houses many sacred artifacts.
  • Dungkar Ngatshang: The house of Dungkar, one of the noble lineage was home to Jigme Namgyel Wangchuk, the father of Wangchuck Dynasty. It stands amid a scenic backdrop of towering mountains overlooking the tiny Dungkar village.
  • Guru Statue Takila: The 173 ft. tall statue of Guru Padmasambhava stands imposingly on the slopes of Takila, overlooking the scenic valley of Tangmachu.
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Mongar   The Birding Capital of the world

Endowed with stark cliff and gorges and dense conifer forest, Mongar is famous for its weavers, special textiles and fabrics. It is also the hot spot for Bhutan Birding tour.

While a large section of people are Buddhist, Bon practice also feature prominently in this area. The Kharpud (Ceremony conducted to appease local deities and Spirit) is something interesting to witness. In this ritual people use sexually provocative language to transcend false morality , during the ceremony. The people here also worship mountains and rivers.

Things To Do in Mongar
  • Birding: Today , Mongar district is acquiring an increasing fame as the ‘Birding Capital of the world with the largest density sighted around Sengor-Yongkola-Lingmithang area.
  • Drametse Festival: The highlight being the Drametse Ngacham (Drums of Drametse)  is  performed twice a year. It occurs on the fifth  and tenth months of the Bhutanese calendar.
Birding Place Bhutan
Places To Visit in Mongar
  • Mongar Dzong : It was recently built (1930),  without plans or nails. A visit to Mongar Dzong demonstrates how traditional Bhutanese architecture has continued to thrive through the centuries.
  • Drametse Gompa: It is a striking 3 storied structure with a large Flagstone courtyard. Drametse means the peak where there is no enemy’. It is extremely serene, idyllic rural spot & commands great views of Eastern Bhutan.
Mongar Dzong
Mongar Dzong
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Best time to visit Eastern Bhutan

Most of Eastern Bhutan is at lower altitudes. Thus, late spring and summer months are especially hot and humid. However, this is a great time for birdwatching in the forests. It is best to avoid visiting in the monsoon months of May to August as rains usually ruin the already fragile road infrastructure. Late February to mid-March is a good time to visit. It provides for comfortable temperatures, low-season crowds, interesting festivals, and spring blooms.

Eastern Bhutan Tour Package Itinerary

Check out Eastern Bhutan Tour Package Itinerary

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Eastern Bhutan Tour Map

Eastern Bhutan Tour Map Routes

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