Best Treks in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country of stunning natural beauty, boasting some of the world’s best trekking trails. Indulge in snow-capped peaks, sprawling mountain ranges, and picturesque dzongs and monasteries in your Bhutan trek. Nestled in the Himalayas, this tiny country offers some of the most scenic treks in the world. From high mountain passes to remote valleys, Bhutan is a paradise for trekkers. In this blog, we will take a look at the Best treks in Bhutan that every trekking enthusiast should experience.

Trekking Bhutan

1.The Druk Path Trek

It is a 6-day trek that takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in Bhutan. This trek starts from Paro and goes through Thimphu, covering a distance of around 50 kilometers. The trek takes you through high mountain passes, dense forests, and picturesque villages.

Lakes Drukpath

Along the trek you can find Buddhist Lhakhangs adorning rugged cliffs and an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity pervades the landscape. The highlight of the trek is the stunning view of Mount Gangkar Puensum ( the highest peak in Bhutan , virgin lakes and the pervasive serene landscape.

Temples in Bhutan trek trail

2.Jomolhari Trek

The Jomolhari Trek is a 9-day trek that takes you to the base of Mount Jomolhari, one of Bhutan’s most sacred peaks. This trek starts from Paro and goes through Thimphu, covering a distance of around 120 kilometers. Along the way, you’ll pass through remote villages, ancient temples, and beautiful forests. The highlight of the trek is the stunning view of Mount Jomolhari.

The Jomolhari trek is a challenging ten-day journey that begins in Paro. The highest base camp is located at a height of 4,100 meters (13,448 feet). There is no better way to see the twin peaks of Jomolhari and the adjacent peaks of Jichu Drake and Tsheringang than from this path (well, maybe from a Druk aircraft!). The Jomolhari hike goes to Lingzhi, at an elevation of 4,950 meters (16,236 feet), and then back down to the Thimphu area. The treks range from very tough to extremely difficult.

The first day of the Jomolhari trek takes you from Drukgyel Dzong, at the head of the Paro valley, to Shanna Zampa, at an elevation of 9,348 feet (2,850 meters).

3.Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek is considered one of the toughest treks in the world. This 25-day trek takes you to some of the most remote and stunning regions of Bhutan.

Snowman Trek

You’ll cross high mountain passes, trek through remote valleys, and see some of the country’s most beautiful lakes and glaciers. This trek is not for the faint-hearted, but the stunning views and the experience of trekking in such remote regions are truly unforgettable.

Trans Bhutan Trek

It can be considered a haven for trekkers, offering ample opportunities for mountain tourism and exploration of the country’s cultural and natural riches. Along the trail you will be offered a chance to relish breathtaking vistas, picturesque landscapes, snowy mountain passes, magnificent glaciers, stunning mountain scenery, and secluded villages.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

4. Laya Gasa Trek

The Laya Gasa Trek is a 15-day trek that takes you through the stunning valleys and forests of northern Bhutan. This trek starts from Paro and goes through Thimphu, Punakha, and Gasa, covering a distance of around 220 kilometers. The highlight of the trek is the chance to meet the Layap people, one of the country’s most isolated communities.

Laya Gasa Trek

It is  a great fun to experience the Bhutan Cultural  at the heart of this trek. You will get to know some of the picturesque landscapes of spectacular mountain ranges and the nomad valleys. In addition, if you plan your holiday around October , you may be able to watch Royal Highland Festival.

5. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is a 6-day trek that takes you through the beautiful Dagala mountain range. You’ll see numerous lakes and stunning mountain vistas along the way. This trek starts from Thimphu and covers a distance of around 40 kilometers.

You won’t run into many other hikers on the Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek. This hike begins above Thimphu and leads to several breathtaking high-altitude lakes, but it doesn’t get close to the legendary thousand.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The hike typically takes place over the course of five to six days. Your route takes you to an altitude of 15,416 feet (4,700 meters), yet your highest tent is just at 14,104 feet (or 4,300 meters). Mount Everest in Nepal, Jomolhari, Masanggang, Jichu Drake, Tiger Mountain in Bhutan, and many more of the world’s most famous peaks are all within sight.

The trail also passes several authentic Bhutanese villages as well as places abundant with birds, alpine flowers, and picturesque meadows.

6.Bumdra Trek

If you are on a short Bhutan Visit and want to enjoy at least a night camping in wilderness, then Bumdra Trek is just for you. The trek takes you at an altitude of 4000 meters, to a magical place where one hundred thousands Dakinis (The Female Buddhas) have convened and flew away.

Pimula at Bumdra

You have two options to take the hike to Bumdra. One you can start from basement of Tiger Nest, Paro and retrace the same path. The other starts from Sangchen Choekor Buddhist College, Paro and ends at the basement of Tiger Nest. The trails pass grasslands, meadows of wild flowers ,grazing horses and remote and ancient monasteries.

We recommend the second options as it can give you the wider view of Himalaya Ranges.

In general, it takes about 5 hours to reach Bumdra from Sang Choekor.

Bumdra Trek

The initial 3 hours hike is a steep ascent over the ridge but the tranquility and the epic view may keep your spirit going.You can also catch the magnificent view of Paro and Do Chhu valley occasionally. All along the journey you will be welcomed by prayer flags.

After 3 hours or so you will reach  Chhoe Chhoe Tse Lhakhang (temple) overlooking the Paro Valley and Giant snow capped mountains . Usually we stop here for lunch . We can enjoy a good packed lunch here , have a chat with the care taker and head further for the trek.

We may need to climb another 30 minutes  uphills , before reaching the forest of pines. The hike from here onwards  till Bumdra  is less strenuous and takes about an hour to reach .  After reaching Bumdra we will take a rest over a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the tranquility that pervades the place.

7. Trans Bhutan Trek

The Trans Bhutan Trek is a challenging hiking trail that traverses the entire length of Bhutan, a small landlocked country located in the eastern Himalayas. The trek starts in the town of Paro, located in western Bhutan, and ends in the town of Trashigang, located in the eastern part of the country.

Trans Bhutan Trail

The trek is approximately 500 kilometers long and takes around 25-30 days to complete. But you can just a section of it .The trail passes through several high mountain passes, dense forests, and remote villages, offering trekkers a unique opportunity to experience Bhutan’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Trans Bhutan Bumthang

The trek is typically undertaken during the months of March to May and September to November, when the weather is most favorable.

Overall, the Trans Bhutan Trek is a challenging but rewarding adventure that provides trekkers with a unique perspective of Bhutan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.


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