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Colors & Festival of Bhutan

Festivals in Bhutan  are an ideal component to promote happiness, unity and Bhutan's unique traditional culture. Tshechus or Bhutan Festivals feature sacred colorful dances, an event which one may like to include in their Bhutan visit. 

 The locals make it a point to attend these festivals as it is considered as an auspicious opportunity to cleanse their defilements. During the festival time, the normally calm monasteries are berserked by masked dancers, Achara (The Sacred Clown), vendors and thousands of excited spectators in their finest attire. It is a time when families come together and take part in universal food sharing. This is also an event where you can witness how an individual's happiness can happen simultaneously in accord with each other.

The colorful mask dancers swirling across the courtyard, the carnival atmosphere and people’s deep faith and devotion make Bhutan festivals a special occasion.It is also an opportunity to join hundreds, even thousands, of Bhutanese taking part in a mystical festival fiesta.