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National Parks

Bhutan’s National Park is protected area and is spread over nine different locations . It represents various ecological zones and covers more than 50% of the total land . It is almost 20,000 km² making Bhutan a crown jewel of the Eastern Himalayas.

The combination of  protected area and biological corridors constitute the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex (B2C2) . It  encompasses, within all types of ecosystems in Bhutan. It consist of five Bhutan national parks, four Bhutan wildlife sanctuaries, one strict nature reserve, and nine corridors. The protected areas’ corridors connect with each other both laterally and vertically ensuring ecosystem stability while also providing for the safe passage of wildlife from subtropical to the alpine ecosystems.

You can include a visit to some of our Bhutan National Park or visit to Bhutan Wildlife Sanctuary  in your holiday to Bhutan. To name

  1. Jigme Dorji National Park
  2. Wangchuk Centennial Park
  3. Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Thrumsingla National Park
  6. Jigme Singye National Park
  7. Sakteng Wildlife National Park
  8. Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park also popularly called as Black Mountains National Park
  9. Toorsa Strict Nature Reserve
  10. Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary
  11. Royal Manas National Park

 These  National parks are protected areas and very rich in bio-diversity. The parks are astoundingly beautiful and attract thousands of international tourists to relish its rich biodiversity

Established in 1999, the Biological Corridors were bestowed as a gift to the earth from Bhutan. It  represents both visions unsurpassed by any other nation on Earth.

Things to do in Bhutan National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

1.River rafting
2. Fishing
3. Trekking
4. Wildlife viewing and Bird watching
5.Traditional Farming
6.Hot springs

7. Day walks

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