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Hiking in Bhutan

Hiking in Bhutan is full of fun. Bhutan is the country of mountains and has always been a center of attraction for the number of hikers. Hiking in Bhutan allows you to go into nature's lap, visit many hill-top villages, monasteries and beautiful valleys. The path which leads to these destinations varies; some are rugged and steep and some other gentle through a field of rice. It is the dream of every hiker to climb to see these appealing valleys and experience these breathtaking views.

If you are someone who is a fan of adventure sports then it is recommended to add these audacious places into your bucket list. In recent times it is observed that most of the people who arrive at Bhutan as tourists always have a day or two plan for a hike. Hiking in Bhutan is the best way to explore this heavenly country which is a home for so many hiking destinations. One of the best things which the trekkers can experience is that they get an opportunity to ignite a conversation with the farmers, monks, Yak Herders and other residents on their way, about various topics.

To give you a glimpse of Bhutan's rich hiking culture, we are enlisting some of the major hikes below. Check out amazing places of hiking in Bhutan.